B-Latitude was founded by Françoise Saegebrecht when she discovered her passion for Murano glass. This rich and colorful material inspired the designer to create unique jewelry pieces. She takes great pride in being personally involved in every step of the creation process, from the initial sketch to the final piece of jewelry.

The brand is distinguished by its selection of high-quality materials, offering Murano glass in 20 vibrant shades. These colors are available in both matte and glossy finishes, allowing every customer to find the perfect piece to match their style. Moreover, the ability to customize necklaces and rings allows customers to create truly unique pieces. Elegant and versatile leather bracelets complete the offer, suitable for both feminine and unisex wardrobes.

The materials used for the jewelry come exclusively from Italy and Germany, ensuring provenance and quality. This meticulous manufacturing process gives B-Latitude jewelry an exceptional lightness, making each piece comfortable for everyday wear. Thus, the B-Latitude brand stands out for its commitment to artisanal excellence and the versatility of its pieces.